Welcome to Pennyheros our UK based variety online retailer with products that range from Household, Kitchen, Children’s to Specialist items and many more.

We are established in the UK and have many years of experience within the retail industry. We work tirelessly to improve ourselves, our products and we’re committed to providing our customers (AKA YOU!) the best possible service we can. 

We continually aim to be a straightforward company, we keep our product detail precise and ensure we give you all that you need to know.  


We began with supplying the products that we chose, the products that we felt were right for you, until we were contacted by a small UK business. the company asked if we would support with offering their products through our website, enabling them to keep their costs to a minimum. 


After some consideration we agreed, so here we are now. A multi Vendor variety store offering an ever growing product range. Keeping you, our customers in mind we don’t just allow any business to offer products we still preview all offered products.

If you’re a business reading this and would like to be considered as a Pennyheros Vendor, please complete the registration form Here and we will contact you as soon as we can.

At Pennyheros we consistently want to be proud of everything we do!

Please support us by following us on social media. Thank you from all of us here at Pennyheros

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